(in order of joining):

1884?Bart Suddlebery born
1884?Amanda Suddlebery born
1900?Noel Scott born
1901?Eloise Lehman born
1915?Megan Suddlebery born
1919?Samuel Suddlebery born
1924?Noel Scott in dirigible accident
1925?Noel Scott becomes pilot of the Celestine
1925?Bart becomes head of research*
1926TBDThe Celestine Six arrive
1926?Loretta Stormheart dies?
1926June 21Grand ConvocationGrand Convocation
1926?Meredith Allister escapes from the asylum?
1927?The Lehman family patriarch falls ill?
1928?Amanda separates from Bart?
1929?A lab accident kills 13, leaves Bart unharmed
Bart is released from his position as head of research
1930June 21Grand Convocation, world endsGrand Convocation

Supporting Characters (TBD)

  • Frederick "Chase" Donoghue
  • Carolyn - an air traffick controller in Sforza
  • Amanda Suddlebery
  • Megan Suddlebery
  • Sam Suddlebery
  • Loretta Stormheart
  • ?? Allister
  • Donald Lehman

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